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Welcome to TeleMeest!

Together with MEEST Corporation being in business since 1989, Telemeest connects United States and Canada communities with their relatives and friends in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia using the latest technologies in telecommunication industry. Telemeest is much more than regular long distance company.

We offer to our clients:
  1. Complete set of online tools to manage your account. In real time our customer can see calling history, account balance and much for both long distance customers and calling cards. That's right, unlike other calling card providers we offer our customer full access to their call card history.
  2. With our customer focused approach and determination to provide the highest connection quality products with the lowest international rates.
  3. Our services supported by the best customer service center available 24/7 no matter where you are.
  4. We provide support on customers' native language.

Open your free account today and see for yourself why thousands of satisfied customers love TeleMeest services.

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